Groove Armada
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Label: Zomba
Duration: 1:04:58
Genre: Dance & Dj, House

Though both Groove Armada's Tom Findlay and Andy Cato hail from London, the pair choose to kick back to Ambleside in Cumbria when recording. As with a great deal of dance music through the 1990s, though broadly still considered house, the sound of "Vertigo" takes as much from the jaded, trip-hop of Bristol as it does from the uplifting house of Studio 54. It is this collusion which defines the LP with the vocal of "In My Bones" ruffled by a techno low end while the chugging backbeats of "Chicago" act to set off a delicate Chic-esque guitar. With an ear for spine-tingling samples lending a gentle weight to what would otherwise be innocuous instrumentals, the crumpled breaks of "At The River" perhaps offer the best example of this, and even the more straightforward forays into the genre are enlivened and enriched by broad influences, the pair have created a modern day classic.--"Kingsley Marshall"

Whatever, Whenever3:47
Dusk You And Me5:37
Pre 636:26
If Everybody Looked The Same3:38
Serve Chilled5:09
I See You Baby4:41
Private Interlude3:53
At The River6:33
In My Bones4:45
Your Song5:08
Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)7:59
Original Release: 1999-05-24
Composer: Irving Berlin, Andy Cato, Maurizio Dami, Steve Douglas, Kamaal Fareed, Tom Findlay, Allan Jeffrey, Lorenzo Mills, Ali Muhammad, Al Nevins, Morty Nevins, Buck Rams, Eugene Record, Claire Rothrock, Toi Sacchi, Joe Skeete, Malik Taylor, Milton Yakus, James Y
Producer: Andy Cato, Tom Findlay
UPC: 12414168320, 5013705303326