Paul Simon
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Label: Warner/Rhino
Duration: 53:50
Genre: Songwriter, Singer

Released during the tense final years of apartheid, Paul Simon's Graceland introduced the buoyant textures of South African township music to vast international audiences. Simon’s collaborative genius – which calls on Los Lobos, Zydeco legend Good Rockin’ Dopsie, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo – invented a new musical language and earned a 1987 Grammy for Album of the Year. The fractured narratives and emotionally fragile characters are unforgettable – whether it's the divorcé and his kid en route to Graceland, the unattainable girl with diamonds on the soles of her shoes, or the soft-in-the-middle hero of “You Can Call Me Al“.

The Boy in the Bubble3:59
I Know What I Know3:13
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes5:51
You Can Call Me Al4:40
Under African Skies3:37
Crazy Love Vol. II4:19
That Was Your Mother2:52
All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints3:27
Homeless (Demo)2:30
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Unreleased Version)4:41
All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints (early version)3:18
Original Release: 1986-01-01
Composer: Paul Simon
Arranged By:
Producer: Paul Simon
UPC: 81227890421, 93624643029