Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath
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Label: WMA
Duration: 42:26
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal

Overlooked by fans and the band alike, this album, coupled with Sabotage, marks Sabbath's finest hour. As accomplished, coherent, brilliantly produced, orchestrated, sung and played as anything put out that decade, Sabbath skimmed the surface of the prog rock movement without getting bogged down in pretension. Makes previous Sabbath albums seem workmanlike. Sister album Sabotage a bit more hit and miss, but should be played together with this - The Writ, Spiral Architect, A National Acrobat, Looking for Today, Hole in the Sky and Thrill of it All widdle on the likes of Iron Man, Faries Wear Boots and NIB from a very great height. Following up such genius proved impossible, and both Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die wilt by comparison

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath5:45
A National Acrobat6:13
Sabbra Cadabra5:57
Killing Yourself To Live5:41
Who Are You?4:10
Looking For Today5:01
Spiral Architect5:31
Original Release: 1973-05-12
Producer: Black Sabbath
UPC: 5017615830521, 602527168463